Get Errthe – In The Beginning – FREE

I have decided, after much soul searching, to give away the first book in my comedy sci-fi series – Errthe – In The Beginning. If you like comedy sci-fi then this is the series for you.

Here is a real 5-star review of Errthe 1 taken from Amazon –

Imagine a history of the world told as if our history had all along actually been controlled by a group of well meaning but inherently bored immortal aliens who had accidentally crash landed on earth, although at the time humans were really just a bunch of monkeys, and Earth had not yet been named as such. Now imagine that these immortal aliens, stuck on an unknown undeveloped planet, become incredibly bored with themselves after a few thousand years or so, and take to using their superior technology and increasing boredom to create a new intelligent species to nurture, and one day would be able to interact with the aliens. This book provides the historical account to such happenings and how much of our myths and miraculous histories are in fact, the aliens mucking about! hilarious, satirical, and easy to imagine such stories as true! A really smart, clever accounting of a history of the world, albeit one with space aliens responsible for largely for everything from the Bible stories to our own DNA! If you are a fan of Douglas Adams, Terry pratchett, Robert Rankin, or Tom Holt, you will enjoy this!

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