Errthe 1 – In The Beginning …


In the beginning there was peace and harmony. Mother Errthe was gently tending her flocks and nudging life along at her own pace. But She reckoned without the Schkrapmerchants. This bunch of misbegotten, misinformed policitical prisoners were on their way to exile when their spaceship got the hiccups and landed them on the dark side of the moon nearly 20,000 years ago. Due to the brain-numbing, skull-imploding boredom that only a true immortal can experience, they decided to speed up evolution and create a new race of super-intelligent apes that they would become the gods to. Did they succeed? Well, look around you. Is there intelligent life on Errthe? Are the Gods infallible? I don’t think so. In this first episode we see them bungling their way through ancient and biblical history right up to the birth of Christianity. Countless legends and a great many famous historical characters are all the results of the Schkrapmerchants meddling in the affairs of Man just to combat their boredom.


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