Errthe 3 – The Vikings, The Normans, A Fair Few Saxons, A Couple of Nigels, One or Two Eriks And At Least One Harold …


They’re back – and they’re at it again.

In this new Volume 3, we see the Schkrapmerchants trying to make the Vikings, a race of happy, agricultural bird watchers, become the savage, power-hungry, killing machine that History says they were.Of course, they succeed – but not in the manner they intended or foresaw.

Along the way there’s a time-travel murder mystery who-dunnit to unravel, along with a lot of glitzy finger-snapping special effects. This volume features hundreds of Vikings, a fair few Normans, a couple of Nigels and at least one Erik, along with numerous Ethelreds, a Henry or two, one nasty evil step-mother and some burnt cakes courtesy of Alfred, who wasn’t where he was supposed to be and it wasn’t really his fault. And there’s a Harold and a William of Normandy who was just a second generation Viking anyway. Did I miss anyone? If I did, drop me a postcard to reach this office no later than …

Oh, nearly forgot, there’s a nasty fire-breathing dragon which is really just a spaceship in disguise and it’s attacking a castle. Well, dragons do that, don’t they?

So, if there’s something you were planning to miss this year, make doubly sure this isn’t it. This is the third installment in the on-going, user-friendly saga of the Schkrapmerchants and their incessant meddling in the affairs of Man.

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