Errthe 4 – The Adventures Of Robbie Nud


This story all began because Erk was bored – and the end result was one of the biggest, most enduring legends of the last millenium – Robbie Nud.

Robbie was a dispossessed nobleman who was battered to a pulp and left for dead in the woods where, as luck would have it, Erk was wandering aimlessly.

Why was he wandering aimlessly? Well, his ship, the most technically advanced flying machine this planet has ever seen, was brought down by an arrow and, rather than wait for rescue, he strolled off into the woods.

It’s lucky that Erk found Robbie – his wounds were so severe he would have died had he not been made immortal in the team’s labs.

Of course, some legends need more help than others in establishing themselves. For instance, Robbie can’t use a bow and arrow – so the team have to help out with a laser targeted bow and inertial guidance arrows – and when that fails, finger-snapping time stalls so that a member of the team can place the arrow in the desired spot. Hey, it works for me.

There’s also a fair bit of finger-snapping jumping around going on, and Nick’s Harley-Davidson makes a welcome return.

Gabriel insists on winding people up by wearing his wings in the house, and we also meet the most evil man ever to draw breath – The Godfather – who bears a striking resemblance to a certain well-known actor who played a similar role in the movies. Naturally, he lives in Heaven due to the fact that he was never caught or found out.

All in all, it’s a rollicking good yarn. I think that’s what the man said …

This is the fourth episode in the on-going, user-friendly saga of the Schkrapmerchants and their incessant meddling in the affairs of Man.

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